An npm package for expo and/or react-native apps (supports both managed and bare workflows) to download content from any remote URI to any publicly accessible folder on the device. Notifies users about download progress as well.

Gerbera (mobile app)

A mobile interface for the Gerbera media server (formerly MediaTomb). Let's you download any media from your media server to your phone, edit any entries in your media database, and configure any scanning behavior for your media server to recognize new content.


A bash script which posts any input as a GitHub Gist. Allows for private Gists, descriptions, and other goodies.

Graffiti Map

An R/Shiny webapp displaying up-to-date, reported incidents of graffiti in San Francisco (with images!)

Rewards Bot

Microsoft Rewards (formerly Bing Rewards) automator built with Selenium. Did searches for you and filled out quizes to earn you gift cards from Microsoft. Was maintained for 2 years (before the anti-bot detection became stronger than my will to keep up development!)

Weather Widget

A clean, attractive, simple weather widget, all in one `` tag. Made with Fomantic-UI -- a community fork of Semantic-UI. Provides current weather and a 5 day forecast.