Using Material Design / Material UI in a React Native App

Hamburger menus, drawer navigation, Floating Action Buttons, and Contextual Action Bars. Add all these and other Material Design goodies to your app seamlessly

Build a Google Maps style panel overlay with scrollable inner content in React Native using rn-sliding-up-panel and react-native-maps

Draggable panels exist on most modern apps with a map component (think DoorDash, SpotAngels, Google Maps), but implementing such a panel with scrollable inner content isn't easy. Here is a way to implement that type of panel with seamless draggability and content scrolling in React Native

Build an NPM Package with Expo Dependencies for Expo and Plain React Native Apps

A guide to publishing NPM packages meant to be used in Expo and plain React Native apps, especially if your packages depend on Expo libraries

How to Save Files to a Device Folder using Expo and React-Native

Save files to a device's internal storage so that it's publicly visible to other apps with one line of code